• Technical parameters of JMTX04 C Type Iron Core Cutting Machine
  • The Main Technical Parameters of JMGJ20 Precision Shearing Machine
  • The Main Technical Parameters of JMGJ08APrecision Shearing Machine
  • The Main Technical Parameters of JMGJ20C Precision Shearing Machine
  • JMZJ30(A) Slitting Line
  • JMZJ1250 Slitting Machine
About us

Baoji Jingji Equipment Co., Ltd., a state-level hi-tech enterprise, specializes in researching and manufacturing precision strip separating & cutting machines, the unique home manufacturer of precision strip shearing machines for hi-tech rare materials(non-crystallized, nano-crystallized, super-conductive, etc.).
Since the establishment in the year of 2003, persistently upholding the management idea of competing by the best products, the company has successfully researched and manufactured a wide range of precision strip separating & cutting machines for non-crystallized( nano-crystallized )materials, vertical cutting and smoothing machine unit, precision slitting roller(separating strip machine), correcting and smoothing bent strips machine unit, cutting machine for C type iron core, and mastered technology for steel surface treatment; meanwhile, the company can complete with slitting roller blade, series correcting rollers and supporting parts and accessories.
Equipment merits: be able to separate and cut accurately super thin and narrow metal strips with no burrs, which holds the lead in the country.
Thickness of metal strips that our equipment can separate and cut is between 0.02mm~5mm,and width, within 1650mm.Among the equipment, precision strip separating & cutting machines for non-crystallized and nano-crystallized materials, researched on our own, can cut strips with thickness of 0.02mm~0.04mm into width of 1mm with no burrs and scratch. Meanwhile, the cut strips can be rolled orderly. Such technology, national initiative, has fill the blank in the field and the series equipment have achieved successively State-Invention Reward , Pragmatic New Prototype Patent Reward and other over ten rewards.
Our products have been spreading to US, Iran, Turkey, South Korea, Belgium, India, Russia and countries in Southeast Asia, and to users in more than 20 provinces of China. The company has long-term cooperative relationship with MAGNETICS, Antai Science and Technology Corporation Limited, Beijing nonferrous metal and rare earth application research institute, Beijing Aero-manufacture engineering institute, BEIJING SHOU GANG-GITANE NEW MATERIALS GO.LTD, college of material science and engineering of Beijing University of Technology, Foshan China Amorphous Technology Co., Ltd., Foshan Tongbao Electrical Precision Alloy Co., Ltd, Chinalco Luoyang Copper Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Northwest nonferrous metal research institute, China North Industries Group Corporation, Shanxi Chunlei Copper Co. Ltd., Chifeng Yuanlian Steel corporation.
In recent years, the company has achieved many rewards and honors, including State-level and Shaanxi Province-level Major Scientific and Technological Innovation Reward, Shaanxi province patent industrialization hatch, Shaanxi Private science and Technology Enterprise, Shaanxi Professional Mid-size and Small-size Enterprise , Employees’ Pioneering Spirit Enterprise in Baoji City, and so on.