JMGJ45 Double Rewind Slitter

JMGJ45 Double Rewind Slitter



1.     Function

This slitting and shearing machine is used for longitudinal shearing of metal strip and rewinding the cutting strip into a roll. Easy operation, high cutting quality, high material utilization and stepless speed regulation are the advantages of JMGJ45. Guide frame in the guide table can move from left to right to adjust the moving mechanism and bring material.

2.     Main Technical Data

2.1 Shear strip thickness:                                  0.15mm~1.2mm   

2.2 Maximum width of shear strip material:                  450mm

2.3 Maximum outer diameter of the raw material roll:        φ1000mm

2.4 Inner diameter of raw material:              φ350mm ~φ520mm

2.5 Maximum unwinding weight:                           1200kg

2.6 Minimum cutting width:                     10mm(δ≤0.8 mm)

2.7 Hob diameter:                                     φ160mm

2.8 Arbor diameter:                                     φ80mm

2.9 Cutting speed:                             10m/min ~60m/min

2.10 Number of cuts:                         12(thickness 0.6mm)

2.11 Inner diameter of winding:                             φ150mm

   Expanding range: 15mm (other specifications are available upon request)

   Outer diameter of winding:                                       φ500mm

   Maxim outer winding diameter:          φ750mm(Uniaxial winding)

2.12 Motor:          YCT225-4A    N=11KW    n=1250~125r/min

2.13 Weight:                                           3200kg

2.14 Size (length*width*height):               3000X3100X2000mm