The Main Technical Parameters of JMGJ20 Precision Shearing Machine

The Main Technical Parameters of JMGJ20 Precision Shearing Machine



I. Main Technical Parameters:
1. Purpose
 The Machine is used to cut metal materials with longitudinal shear, and then the narrow fillet cut by the Machine is rolled. It is featured by easy operation, fine quality, high effectiveness and continuously variable.
2. Main Technical Parameters
 2.1 Thickness of cutting materials:              0.02mm~0.6mm
 2.2 Maximum width of cutting materials:          220mm
 2.3 Maximum external diameter of raw material roll:            φ500mm
 2.4 Inner diameter of raw material roll:                φ75mm
 2.5 Maximum feeding weight:              300kg
 2.6 Minimum width of cutting materials:              2mm
2.7 Hobbting cutter diameter:                  φ130mm
 2.8 Knife Shaft diameter:                  φ60mm
 2.9 Cutting speed:                  10~90m/min
2.10 Numbers of cutting materials:                 12 in general
2.11 Inner rolling diameter:                  φ75mm
2.12 Maximum external rolling diameter:              φ350mm
2.13 Weight:                  1500kg
 2.14 Power:                    2.2KW
 2.15Motor Reducer:                   gear type motor reducer
II. Note
The feeding principal axis isφ75mm, and it can be moved in the Machine’s shear platform to ensure that materials can be adjusted to correct derivation of orientation. The passive feeding can adjust damping and be controlled by magnetic powder brake.
The guiding platform of the Shearing Machine can be adjusted up and down, left and right, and front and back. By adjusting it up and down, front and back, it is easy to operate through linear guideway to ensure the positional accuracy. The upper knife shaft moves upward can adjust the machine up and down, so it is very convenient to operate the knife by manual adjustment.
The rolling part is in the way of double shaft, and the tension of each axis of rolling is controlled by 100NM magnetic powder clutch to ensure materials are rolled in order.
The whole Machine adopts frequency control.
The main precision parameters after sheering:
Width tolerance of the strip:0~0.02mm
The rag of the edge of the strip:0~0.002mm
Lateral bending of the strip:≤1mm/m


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